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just a friendly reminder - you're all gonna die - Liquid Sin [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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just a friendly reminder - you're all gonna die [Dec. 15th, 2006|05:33 am]
Liquid Sin
This announcement is primarily concerned with photographers and other artists who were with us on December 2nd:

Here's what's happening now...
We are in the process of setting up websites. The official one will be slightly longer to complete, so in the meantime I've set up a Liquid Sin.deviantart account. From there, I'll be able to set some of your artworks up with links back to your LJ/myspace/personal site.
If you were a photographer on that night; send me a few, some or all of the photos you took of the evening (your preference) so that I can begin photomanipulating your work and putting it up as stock - as other artists work with the images of yours, they to will link back to your site(s).

Even if you feel the promotion is not necessary, I personally would enjoy it yet if you would be with us at this capacity.

E-mail jpegs of your work and Dec. 2nd photos to liquid.sin@hotmail and don't forget your URL address list.
I already have another DA account with reasonably high pageviews and a deep artist network, so the Liquid Sin site will be affective.

Phantazzmagorically yours - with handicap hugz 'n kisses.

p.s. 1 - If you were a December 2nd photographer on the walls instead of behind the camera feel free to send a couple/few photos for me to work with - they don't have to be from the 2nd. Again, I'll link to you and your model's site. This always stands for all Liquid Sin Photographers.
p.s. 2 - if you're not with Liquid Sin yet, but are an interested artist/photographer/model/whatever, respond with some sort of online gallery or portfolio URL. I generally don't download e-mail attachments unless I know you, and sometimes even MORE likely not to if I know you
heh heh heh

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2006-12-15 11:23 am (UTC)
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